April 21, 2024


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Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise are still Top Rated Tourist Activities in Dubai.

All-Inclusive Desert Safari, Dubai City Tour and Along the Dhow Cruise in  Marina

Unquestionably, Dubai is one of the most well-liked travel locations in Asia’s the Middle East. The city has the best combination of abundant natural resources and cutting-edge infrastructure. The city enjoys access to the beach and one of the most stunning deserts in the world. This makes it more appealing as a travel destination because it is distinctive. Here, going on safari in the spectacular desert is reasonably expected. People travel here from around the world to experience the excitement and fun of Desert Safari Dubai and Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Besides these two, there are so many other things to do in Dubai that a single visit will not be enough to experience them all. However, the Dhow Cruise and Desert Safari Dubai are always included in stopovers and are still among the top tourist activities in the town. For this reason, we have included the best tourist activities in Dubai and a detailed explanation of why tourists favor these two attractions.

Desert Safari Dubai 

The desert safari, the preferred approach to explore the city’s spirit, is the tourism high point of Dubai. One’s experience is worth savoring because of the vibrant culture and abundant exhilarating adventure activities available daily. The star-studded nights of Dubai’s Desert Safari promise to complete your day with the city’s most exciting and glamorous nightlife. There are numerous possibilities, including morning, evening, and overnight safaris. Group safaris, great safaris, and extreme adventure safaris are all available.

In addition to having some of the nicest deserts in the world, Dubai has some of the best packages for desert safaris where you can have endless fun in the sand. Make travel arrangements with a reputable business like Oasis Palm Tourism, Dubai, which offers fantastic desert safari.

Camel Ride


The Morning Desert Safari in Dubai includes a camel ride that allows you to explore wildlife while travelling across the desolate desert. Visitors find camel rides very serene and leisurely, and they have more time to think while feeling the desert winds on their skin. You can see the falcon show while riding a camel for 45 to an hour. One of the best tourist things is to take an amusing photo with the falcon on your arm. 

Dune Bashing

The Evening Desert Safari showcases Dubai at its finest, and the sun’s beams at sunset make for an amazing backdrop for the best photos. This package also includes activities like hot air balloon rides and dune bashing, allowing guests to appreciate the dusk fully.

Dune-bashing with Dubai Sand Safari is the best way to experience the Arabian desert in its natural state. A thrilling 30-minute jeep ride at varying speeds over enormous dunes through the desert highlights the trip. It is an exceptional dune bashing experience for adventure enthusiasts, giving assured fun and thrill away from the glitz of Dubai city life.

Desert Skiing 

Desert skiing is essential when visiting Dubai. It not only breaks up the routine of your daily tasks but also gives you a tremendous amount of vigor and passion. There are many adventure activities to select from once you get to Dubai, but sandboarding and desert skiing are two of the top things to do on the Dubai Desert trip that everyone must do. As you ski down the golden dunes in Dubai’s vast desert, your stress will be released. Snowboarding often involves strapping the feet to the board and sliding around the dunes as you take in the tranquil beauty of the desert.

Desert Campsite

In every way, Desert Safari in Dubai is unparalleled regarding the best nighttime experiences. Once the sun has set, you may enjoy the most spectacular celestial phenomena and stellar displays in the Arabian Desert night sky. At your desert encampment, you may unwind and indulge in some stargazing while taking advantage of the free snacks and Arabian coffee. You can grow from the stress of your day’s excursion by taking in the tranquil atmosphere of the desert under the starry sky. Once the heat of the day subsides, you can also catch a peek at a variety of animal species that call it home. For those seeking tranquilly, the peaceful desert environment is a sanctuary in contrast to the lavish lifestyle of Dubai.


Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Another well-liked activity is taking in Dubai’s breathtaking scenery while relaxing on a Dhow boat with delectable food and a live DJ. There’s nothing like taking a dhow boat experience, whether a tourist or a local. Dhow tours in Dubai are old-fashioned wooden vessels converted into floating eateries. In the evening, they give the stunning artificial water body of the Dubai Marina the appearance of thousands of lights floating in the sea.

These dhows are traditional sailing vessels that have been using the seas of the Gulf for generations. They provide a distinctive approach to exploring the area with their bent prows and lateen sails. You may take in the stunning surroundings, discover the local history and culture, and engage in fun activities like swimming and fishing while on your dhow cruise trip.

A dhow cruise is a fantastic way to discover the history and culture of the region. You’ll get a better grasp of the culture thanks to the intriguing information and tales your tour guide may tell you about the locality. In addition, you can discover the various dhow varieties and their functions. Fishing is another favorite pastime on dhow trips. If you’re fortunate, you might also be able to see some of the incredible marine species living in the gulf waters.


Live concerts.

The Dhow cruise offers the complete package of entertainment in this case. The dhow cruise includes several shows. The dances of Tanoura are mainly the most well-liked performance of all. On the Dhow cruise, they travel there. There are additional performances besides the Tanoura show, such as puppet shows, music, and dances. On the dhow cruise, music is playing, and a DJ show is available upon request. The top three musical languages played there are in that order: Hindi, English, and Urdu.

Henna art and shopping.

Henna tattooing is a common form of entertainment on dhow cruise cruises. It is a lot of fun and a terrific way to bring home a unique souvenir from your trip. Additionally, you’ll be glad to hear that most dhow cruise tours also provide a shopping section if you enjoy shopping. You may purchase a wide selection of gifts and souvenirs here to bring home. You’ll discover something special in the shopping centre, whether seeking something for yourself or a close one.

Feasting and Solace.

Most dhow boat cruises include a delectable dinner so you can relax and take in the scenery. Everyone can discover something they enjoy because various culinary alternatives are typically available. Of course, unwinding and taking in the view are two of the most excellent aspects of a dhow trip. You’ll have a terrific time on your dhow cruise tour, whether relaxing on the deck or eating in the dining room.


To sum it up, you should not, under any circumstances, miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience Dubai’s enchanted spirit on a desert safari and Dhow cruise. These two things draw tourists to Dubai from all over the world. 

Now that you are aware of all the main justifications for visiting Dubai. We encourage you to use the top services offered by Al Wasl Dhow, Dubai and Oasis Palm Tourism, Dubai, to make your trip memorable.