June 22, 2024


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How to Replace a Radiator Fan Motor in New Orleans

Factors that Lead to Radiator Fan Assembly Replacement - Das European  Autohaus

As car owners, we are required to know the parts of our car, although not all are talented to do even slight repairs on their car. It will be useful to be familiar with your car parts. Since the car has a different set up, make it a habit to read your instruction manual and know where your car parts are located. This can come in handy in situations when you need to check and observe your cars. One of the systems in your car that makes it run well is the radiator fan, if they don’t work well anymore they need to be replaced. You can check on the auto fan replacement in New Orleans to know more about it.

What is the Radiator Fan

This is a part of the car positions between the engine and the radiator. This is an electric cooling fan that turns on and off when needed.  

Purpose of the Radiator fan

The main purpose of the radiator fan is to regulate the temperature in the internal part of the vehicle. It turns on when the car is in a stationary position since it can not get air from the grille and also turns on if the car is slow-moving. Every time the car needs to balance the temperature the radiator fan turns on. 

Common symptoms for Radiator Fan Motor Replacement in New Orleans

Overheating of Engine 

The main purpose of the radiator fan is to keep the engine cool. Once it stops working then overheating of the engine occurs. Letting the car overheat for so long can lead to further damages and can even end up with the car being undriveable anymore. 

Aircon is not Functioning Well 

If your aircon suddenly doesn’t give an excellent performance there might be something wrong with the radiator fan. Aircon and radiator fan borrow power from each other, if one struggles to work then the other one is affected. So if your AC is not functioning well then check on your radiator fan. 

Radiator Fans Makes Loud Noises

It is not normal for a radiation fan to make too much noise. The noise can be caused by the disassembly of the radiator fan. It will be wise to have it checked immediately if you notice any unusual noise.

How does Radiator Fan Motor work in New Orleans?

There are two types of radiators: mechanical and electrical. The mechanical fan is the one connected in the engine directly to the drive pulley. This has a thermal fan clutch that is responsible for sending heat and signals the mechanical fan to turn on. The electrical fan is controlled by electric motors. The engine’s computer will be the one to signal if it needs to turn on or off. 

How to Replace a Radiator Fan Motor in New Orleans

There are several steps to follow in replacing a radiator fan:

Radiator fan Assembly Should be Remove

 List the components that need to be removed in the car to clear the way towards the radiator fan. Disconnect the battery to avoid the radiator from getting energized during the removal. Make sure to remove the negative battery cable before the positive one. Then continue to remove other hoses, ductwork, and bracketry to clear the area to the radiator fan location. Remove all the hardware that is connected to the radiator fan then detached the radiator fan from the vehicle.

Removing the Radiator Fan Motor

Start by removing the fan retainer clip, this will then allow the shaft to pass through the housing. Hold the fan assembly a little bit above the work surface while holding the fan blade on the other hand. Then you are ready to dislodge the fan from the shaft. Then remove any hardware that holds the fan motor in the housing. 

Installing the Replacement Radiator Fan

Make sure that the replacement has the same measurement as the one you are replacing. You can do this by comparing the two. The mounting position, the electrical connector, the shaft diameter, and the height of the blade rides should be identical to the one being replaced.

Placing back the Radiator fan in your Vehicle

Place back the radiator fan in its proper place in the car. Then reinstall the hardware that is connected to the radiator fan. Reconnect the battery by starting with the positive terminal before the negative terminal. You can now test if the radiator fan is properly installed. 

Now you know how to replace a radiator fan motor in New Orleans at least you now have an idea, however, leaving it to the experts will still be best if you are not really good at it.