July 23, 2024


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Newspaper Advertising Vs Leaflet Distribution

Newspaper Advertising Vs Leaflet Distribution

A lot of companies like to advertise in local newspapers, in some cases it can have a good effect on the company making them more well known within the local areas. Newspaper are always targeted at a certain market, for example the free magazines like Metro are aimed at commuters therefore they are normally found in railway stations, tubes etc. This level of targeting is good for the newspaper but is it good for you, the advertiser? In this article we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of using leaflet distribution over newspaper advertising.

Firstly, targeting. A leaflet is targeted more than newspapers. A newspaper may be targeted at everyone in a local area, which is OK if your business services the entire local area. But with leaflets you are able to target specific areas. For example, a company wants to advertise their loft conversion offer, therefore they could post their leaflets through the doors of houses that would be suitable for a loft conversion. There is no point advertising that service to a block of flats is there? Another benefit of using leaflets is that very few people are going to pick the newspaper and look for a builder who can do their loft conversion, with leaflets the reader can see that you offer loft conversions and although they may have never looked into it before, your leaflet could be nudge they need to start looking into a loft conversion.

Another reason why leaflet distribution is better than newspaper advertising is your USP. With leaflets you have a A5 size piece of paper in front of the reader that you can use to promote your unique selling point. With a leaflet you can put your USP at the top which research suggests you have 3 seconds to interest the reader, therefore having it at the top means you are more likely to catch the readers attention. Where as with newspaper advertising your advert is likely to be surrounded by other adverts from other businesses, sometimes they advertise all the business in categories which means your advert will be next to another company who may be offering the exact same service as you, this is unlikely to happen with leaflets.

Newspaper advertising can also be much more expensive than leafleting, some newspapers charge tens of thousands of pounds to just get on the front page, this may be see by lets say 50,000 readers, with leafleting this would roughly cost seventeen hundred pounds.