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What Is a Biblical Entrepreneur?

Psalm 127:1

” A Song of degrees for Solomon. Apart from the LORD develop the home, they labour in vain that establish it: except the LORD maintain the metropolis, the watchman waketh but in vain.”.


They labor in vain that construct it – pretty much, “In vain toil its builders in it.” The plan is, that they are completely dependent on God. No matter what their skill, their power, their business could be – all will be in vain except God shall support them. They are dependent on Him for life, for wellbeing, for toughness, for functional wisdom, for a disposition to proceed their operate, and for accomplishment in it.
Notes on the Bible by Albert Barnes [1834].

MODULAR 1: What is a Biblical Entrepreneur?
No matter whether you are an inspiring entrepreneur or a CEO of a big corporation, the Bible
is the top source for worthwhile, pertinent advice and steerage it provides you with the keys to your potential successes. Jesus used scriptures by quoting passages as He taught. He applied Isaiah’s prophecies to deliver to disruption the Pharisees’ false piety (Mark 7:6-13). In Luke 24:25-27 he defined that the matters concerning Himself experienced been written by Moses and the prophets. Most notability, when currently being tempted by the devil, Jesus used scriptures, (Matthew 4:4 – KJV), “But he answered and mentioned, It is composed, Male shall not reside by bread alone, but by each individual term that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”. Also, study Matthew 4:7 and Matthew 4:10.

So, what is a Biblical Entrepreneur, (also in some circles the expression Christian Entrepreneur is employed. To entirely comprehending the meaning (and coronary heart) of a Biblical Entrepreneur, you will have to understand how the environment God views enterprise and entrepreneurship.

In higher education I analyzed business on a number of stages, both undergrad and graduate packages. Equally taught (by definition) that an entrepreneur’s principal worry is the technology and accumulation of wealth for shareholders and stakeholders. The accomplishment of the business is decided by that close purpose. Everything about the business from the purchaser to the workers, funds, products, internet marketing, and administration crew labored to arrive at the purpose to accumulate prosperity (increase the business).

Even though, making cash is a essential objective for all company ( no income, no enterprise), the aim of a “Biblical Entrepreneur” (by definition) is a person (a Christian) who utilizes their skills, treasures, and time to work a business enterprise, in which God has location them as a steward, in a way that will provide Him glory, as properly as be a blessing to his or her neighborhood, country, and earth.

Why is this distension significant? As a Biblical Entrepreneur you will have lots of ups and downs. Being aware of the “why” you are in small business will give you the power, courage, and tanistry to encounter the hard situations. Knowing the “why” is the commence of creating a successful organization dependent on the Kingdom Concepts.

Foundational Dilemma(s).
1. Do you pray (each day) for God to manual you in each individual section of being a “Biblical Entrepreneur”?

2. Do you invite God to your Board Place Meetings? (Even if you are the only particular person in the Board Area)?

3. How will your business enterprise glorify God? (Additional on this in later chapters).


Biblical Entrepreneur: A person (a Christian) who works by using their abilities, treasures, and time to work a small business, in which God has area them as a steward, in a fashion that will convey Him glory, as perfectly as be a blessing to his or her neighborhood, country, and entire world.

Organization Playbook: A Playbook presents a obvious and measurable “audit path” for

Small business Plan: A document setting out a business’s foreseeable future aims and approaches for attaining them.

Kingdom Business Approach: A kingdom company is an business directed by the Holy Spirit and managed by a godly leader that takes advantage of its time, expertise, and income to meet the spiritual and/or physical demands of the neighborhood about them to progress God’s function.

Shareholders: A person who owns shares in a business. Anyone who owns stock in Apple is an illustration of a shareholder.

Stakeholders: A particular person, group or organization that has desire or concern in an firm. Stakeholders can have an impact on or be impacted by the organization’s actions, goals and insurance policies. Some examples of vital stakeholders are creditors, administrators, personnel, federal government (and its organizations), entrepreneurs (shareholders), suppliers, unions, and the group from which the enterprise draws its sources.